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2018 - IT Data Center Outage

Welcome to the IT Building 153 Power Maintenance website.  This will be your one stop destination for information about the Memorial Weekend planned power outage for the building that hosts the UNM IT Data Center.

Update (Sunday, May 27th 4:00pm): The PPD Crew completed the critical maintenance Saturday.  Many Data Center services remained available and stable throughout the work due to the planning, preparation, careful work and creativity of UNM engineers, electricians, HVAC technicians, network and systems staff. Most of the services that were brought down intentionally to reduce the risk of data corruption are now available - UNM Learn, Loboweb, UNM Library services, FAMIS, and many more.  A few more services are scheduled to come up:

  • Sunday, May 27 - Appworx job scheduling and Student Transcript requests now ACTIVE
  • Monday, May 28 - Marketplace, Bursar Account Suite
  • Tuesday, May 29 - Special File Handling processes. 

We will continue to use IT Alerts to keep the campus community informed on issues/outages.

Summary of the Planned Maintenance:

WHY:      UNM IT Building 153 requires critical preventive power maintenance work. The maintenance

               must be done to ensure the reliability and availability of IT services to the campus community.

               The maintenance will mitigate the risk of lengthy unplanned outages related to power disruptions

                to the data center.

WHAT:    UNM PPD will perform preventive power maintenance for the building.

               The power to the UNM IT building will be shut off during the maintenance. 

               Services delivered by or through the IT Data Center will be unavailable during this time.

WHEN:   The work requires a three-day service outage on Memorial Weekend. Below are some important dates:

  • Friday, May 25th, 2018 at 5PM     - IT will bring services down.
  • Monday, May 28th, 2018 at 5PM  - Services are planned to be up and available.

WHO:     UNM IT and UNM PPD are working together to develop a detailed plan for the holiday weekend

               work. The campus community will be affected because many IT services are delivered through the IT Data Center.